Lassi Noponen

A candidate for you who cares about both Helsinki and the environment.

 My Helsinki



 Helsinki can do


Helsinki is a world-class center of expertise and the engine of Finland. Education, research and know-how are Helsinki's strengths and a clear competitive advantage.


World-class education - at all levels - from kindergarten to university, is the pride of Helsinki, it must be supported and developed.




 Helsinki cares


Helsinki must be a good home for all of its residents. We take good care of our own people and things. In this way, we can also help those who really need help, if necessary. The best way to help those who come here is to facilitate integration and lower the threshold for entry into employment.




 Helsinki secures


A safe living environment creates the basis for everything positive in life. Helsinki must always be safe. When a person is safe and in good condition, he or she is motivated to make the best contribution to society.






Helsinki is primarily the home of the people of Helsinki. International attraction and a good reputation follow the good life, skilled entrepreneurs and innovations of the townspeople.






A clean and safe living environment is the foundation of a good life. Now and in the future. Within the framework of realities, Helsinki's responsibility is to lead and be a pioneer. The role of Finland and Helsinki in managing environmental issues is to be a place where, through education, science and business, state-of-the-art environmental technology is developed for the needs of the world. We must not make policy decisions for only symbolic  environmental impact that weaken the international competitiveness of Finnish industry and business sector.


Compared to many countries, Finland has harsh natural conditions. For only symbolic environmental impact, we must not make any policy decisions that e.g. complicate the mobility and life of Helsinki residents and thus reduce Helsinki's attractiveness as a comfortable place to live and work for people. We absolutely must not make any policy decisions that have only a symbolic environmental impact but that stifle the economy and reduce Helsinki's chances of building the largest possible environmental handprint in the world.


Finland's greatest positive environmental impact in the world can be achieved by looking outwards and effectively implementing great Finnish environmental solutions and products in the world.


Responsible politics and the interests of citizens require that Helsinki does not waste taxpayers' money on adventures or virtue signaling, but that decisions are made prudently, on the basis of facts and with an understanding of all environmental and other consequences. Measures to protect the environment usually also incur costs for citizens. Care must be taken to ensure that the transition is fair and does not place an unreasonable burden on local people's finances. 


The introduction of environmental technology must not stunt the Finnish economy, but increase it.




 Creating possibilities


Helsinki's attraction is primarily based on the activities of ordinary Helsinki residents, entrepreneurs and cultural people, not on the politicians' hand waving. The city needs to create the necessary conditions for people and businesses to develop a functional, comfortable and communal city and create the best version of themselves.