Lassi Noponen


MY HELSINKI CAN DO. It cares. It protects its people and the environment. 



I've been an entrepreneur since 2000. I am a co-founder of the environmental technology companies Loudspring Plc and Proventia Group Plc and I have served both for a long time as the CEO and/or Chairman of the Board of Directors. 

Through these companies, for twenty years I have been involved in looking for solutions to the most severe environmental problems humanity faces. Over the years, I have also been sparring with leading political leaders in environmental technology opportunities and been involved in many national environmental technology related initiatives, for example, the Sitra’s project for the development of national environmental technology roadmap and Tekes’ panel assessing strategic research openings for public funding.


Prior to my entrepreneurial career, I worked as an investment banker at Evli Bank and in Neste Corporation's management positions in the 1990s. I served as a member and chairman of Incap Corporation's Board of Directors in 2007-2015. 


Master of Laws (Turku University), M.Sc. (Management), (London Business School).

Language skills: fluent in Finnish, Swedish and English. 

Selected to the Cleantech Scandinavia Hall of Fame in 2008. 

Reserve Lieutenant, Secretary General of the Reserve Officer School’s Student Union course 193, National Defense Course 191. 




 Why the Finns party?


As a person I am a western and Nordic-oriented value liberal optimist. I have studied in the UK and lived on several occasions also in the United States and in Sweden. During my career I have also work a lot in India and China. I believe in Finland and international cooperation, where Finland is always a desired partner. 


Today, the Finns Party is the only party that defends Finland's independence, understanding the economic realities and taking into account people in different circumstances. The only party that clearly represents the Finnish people, and not domestic and foreign interest and pressure groups. The only party that wants to keep the decision making about the Finnish peoples matters, in Finland.


For me, Finns Party alignment does not mean opposing others, but wanting to build Finland's own foundation. The development of Helsinki and Finland requires its own strong foundation and cooperation.  Such a foundation is lacking if we always feel that we dare not, can not or should not do anything ourselves but rely always on the EU. Our decision-makers must represent Finns in the EU, not the EU in Finland.


It goes without saying that I am in favor of equal treatment for all. Treatment must not be influenced by gender, religion, ethnic background or sexual orientation.




An internationally renowned pioneer in the field of environmental technology. 


A candidate for you who cares both about Helsinki and the environment. 



I am an independent candidate on the Finns Party list in municipal elections to the Helsinki City Council.


I promise to: 

  • always have the interests of the people of Helsinki as the basis for decision-making. 
  • be fair and appreciate different views, discuss and listen. 
  • utilize my business and environmental technology know-how for the benefit of Helsinki’s residents. 


 LASSI NOPONEN - Ilmastopersu